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Capacity building of Civil Society Organizations on the topic:


  • Services: Providing Training on the topic “Advocacy and Policy”
  • Project Title: Combat Hate in Kosova – CHiK
  • Type of the Contract: Service Contract
  • Date of Publication: October 8, 2020
  • Closing Date:  October 19, 2020
  • Expected Duration: 3 days
  • Place: Prishtina, Kosova
  • Contracting Authority: Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC)
  • Address: Str. Sejdi Kryeziu, 26 10000 Prishtina, Kosova

1.1. General information about the project:

ATRC in partnership with RADC and supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Kosovo, has started the implementation of the project “Combat Hate in Kosovo”. The project aims to identify the use of hate speech on religious, ethnic, gender, racial and other grounds in public and to combat this phenomenon which incites acts or crimes of hatred.

Within the framework of the objective for capacity building of Civil Society Organizations, it is foreseen the organization of a training for CSO representatives on the topic “Advocacy and Policy” . This training aims to inform CSOs and provide best practices related to advocacy methods.

Expected results and services to be performed

  • Trainer should prepare the module for the one-day training:
  • The training module should contain detailed information on the topic of “Advocacy and Policy” with a special emphasis on advocacy methods and processes.
  • Training should offer specific information for CSOs regarding their activity on advocating for combating hate in all forms; ethnic, religious, gender etc.
  • Modules should be prepared in concise and understandable language.
  • Information and knowledge gained from the trainings will serve for capacity building of the participants/CSOs.
  • The trainer at the end of the contracting period will report to the ATRC on the progress of the training including recommendations.

2.1. Deadline:

This task is expected to be completed by November 2020:


1 Preparation of training module | 1 | October  2020
2 Training on the topic “Advocacy and Policy” | 1 | October 2020
3 Preparation of the final report | 1 |October 2020

2.2. Competencies required:

Competencies and experience required for this position include:

  • Academic qualification in the field of Human Rights, Legal Sciences or Social Sciences including: Political Science, Journalism, Sociology.
  • Professional knowledge and experience related to advocacy, policy drafting,  non-governmental organizations and societal context of Kosova.
  • Excellent skills and previous experience for conducting presentations for public and organizing trainings on similar topics.
  • Ability to compile high quality presentation materials and deliver reports in time.

Application procedure:

All interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply by sending their documents no later than October 19, 2020 at 16:00 at [email protected] and by adding in the CC partner organization, RADC [email protected]

  • CV
  • References
  • Expression of interest