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Initiative for Justice and Equality - INJECT


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Initiative for Justice and Equality- INJECT is looking for a Research Coordinator in the scope of a regional research including the states of Kosovo, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro. The research coordinator will have the role of coordinator for the regional research project focused on legal protection of women. The duration of project: November 2020- February 2021.

Core Project Responsibilities

  • Conducting, sorting and analyzing data, developing, and executing the research.
  • Writing the research paper, reviews and summaries.
  • Collect all important information and statistics needed from the institutions of rule of law.
  • Work closely with and coordinate the work of the other researchers in mentioned countries.
  • Integrating research parts of other countries in a single report and write a comparative legal analysis about the research topic.
  • Responsible for project timelines, deliverables and reports.

Research Coordinator Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Law, Social Science or related field.
  • Over 2 years of previous work / academic experience in the related field
  • Knowledge of research principles, concepts, practices, and methods.
  • Knowledge of law system in Kosovo.
  • Flexible, self-motivating, able to manage multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Interest and experience working in a fast-paced working environment. A robust, methodical and energetic approach.
  • Interviewing skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Knowledge of Serbian language is an asset.

See more details of the research

  1. Regional Research about legal protection of women’s rights to alimony and property in Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia. Researcher will need to interview citizens with personal experience with courts, judges and prosecutors for interviews related to following questions:

Method of Application

Send your CV and letter of motivation to [email protected] by latest 28 October 2020, time 16.00 p.m. Your CV must not exceed 3 pages of strictly relevant experience!


Initiative for Justice and Equality- INJECT is an NGO established with the aim to empower women legally and advocate institutions for the protection of women’s social, economic and political rights. Our mission is to increase capacities of women to insist on their rights, especially the right to marital property after divorce, financial maintenance from partner after divorce, right to fair and professional treatment by institutions during reporting of domestic violence and right to fair treatment in court procedures.

We are advocating in increasing capacities and professionalism of judicial institutions to offer adequate treatment to cases of domestic violence, property division and financial maintenance. The project will support the empowerment of women in realizing and accessing their property and inheritance rights and in being better informed and positioned to escape situations of violence.