Request for proposal for New Core Banking Software for microfinance institutions


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Kreditimi Rural Kosoves LLC (KRK) is a Microfinance institution (MFIs) focused on providing of financial services to low-income clients, with a particular focus on micro, small, agricultural and other businesses in rural and urban areas, with a priority focus on agriculture and a specific attention to financial, social and environmental sustainability.

In order to improve the IT services of business software and to have software which ensure the reliable information, integration, efficiency, digitalization, automatization of processes and to support actual and future business needs publish this request for proposal:

Request for proposal for New Core Banking Software for microfinance institutions

Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës, LLC (KRK) is an MFI, with 27 branches, around 20,000 active clients and around of 250 employees, based on Prishtina/Republic of Kosova street Behije Dashi No. 20.

Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës, LLC intends to procure the services of experienced software houses, and IT companies for the supply of New Core Banking Software, which include implementation and maintenance as per Terms of References (ToR).

The new software should provide all the necessary facilities to run the business of the MFI’s as per best standard practices.

Any innovative products for future business requirements may also be added with appropriate details.

The new software should provide automatic support and smooth functioning of the processes, as well as generate future banking products without the request/ change in the program. The system should maintain an audit trail for all activities and appropriate reports must also be available.

Mandatory modules and Optional Modules as per ToR will be part of the evaluation.

For the evaluation of bids, the qualified suppliers will be required to provide demonstrations of their software (CBS).

Proposals should contain all relevant documents as per ToR and Bidder Eligibility Criteria.

KRK for interested companies, will provide ToR and other relevant information related to this request for proposal, through email address: [email protected]

Bidders are required to submit their offers based on KRK ToR in two Electronic Envelopes at the following email address:

The deadline for submitting of offers is until 16th of December 2022.

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