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 Kosovo Municipal Integrity (KMI) activity


USAID’s Kosovo Municipal Integrity (KMI) activity addresses long-standing challenges related to corruption and poor-quality service delivery by the Government of Kosovo by enhancing public financial management (PFM), with a focus on municipal procurement, and by reinforcing accountability mechanisms both within government and outside of government through civil society, the private sector, and media.

The four objectives of this activity are:

  1. National accountability agencies provide more effective and coordinated financial oversight.
  2. Governments increase use of good practices in budget planning, public procurement, and contract management.
  3. Government advances norms and practices that support internal audit and accountability.
  4. Civil society, media, and the private sector improve the integrity of public and private sector actors in public procurement.


          2. ROLE’S PURPOSE

The national procurement expert will support KMI/Objective One and the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission’s Monitoring Department on implementing a standardized methodology for monitoring public procurement processes. Such methodology, developed by USAID KMI international procurement expert, aims to provide a standard approach as well as indicators that flag cases for the PPRC to initiate monitoring. USAID KMI also expects the advisor to provide recommendations for adapting the approach, based on challenges identified during the implementation phase, support its integration/communication with the e-Procurement system, as well as with formalizing the methodology within the internal rules of PPRC.


  • Support standardizing the actual monitoring activity performed by PPRC Monitoring Department: controls shall concern only certain pre-determined elements of the tender documents, selected on the basis of their relevance with respect to the mandate provided by the Kosovo Law on Public Procurement.
  • Support the implementation of the third party data (from citizens, EO, CSO and other sources) for monitoring and analysis purposes.
  • Support implementation of a checklist of elements to be controlled in the tender documents. This includes on-the-job coaching of all monitoring officers when controlling tender documents based on such checklist, so as to foster the same approach.
  • Recommend adapting of monitoring methodology based on field findings.
  • Support the transposition, where possible, of such indicators/check list items into the filters provided by the e-procurement system in order to enable automatic control and red flags.
  • Recommend rules, within the legislation in effect, aimed at defining the control process, role and responsibilities of PPRC, nature and effects of the decision, as well as consequent actions in case contracting authorities do not follow PPRC’s decisions.


  • Legal or Economic/Management degree or equivalent, or
  • At least 5 years of work experience in the field of monitoring, public procurement and International experience is an advantage.
  • Good management, analytical, problem-solving and communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge of monitoring methodologies, knowledge procurement regulatory framework is an advantage.
  • Experience with e-procurement system is an advantage.

        5. REPORTING:

This position will report to the Objective One Lead.

Please send your CV to email account: [email protected]