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Open Call for The Western Balkans: Regional Youth Partnerships Network Members


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Are you passionate about your work and about making your community a better place?  Do you want to look at the future of the Western Balkans from the perspectives of academic research, the arts, business, journalism, politics, and sports to better understand why the region is the way it is and how the different perspectives can help find solutions to local and regional issues that need to change? Are you interested in joining a growing Network of active individuals from across the Western Balkans who are making a difference in their communities, but also building lasting connections within their countries and across the  region? If you think you are the right candidate for this program, we invite you to apply for the Regional Youth Partnerships!

The Regional Youth Partnerships program aims to develop the next generation of changemakers by providing exceptional opportunities to learn, create, share, and connect      through a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Large and small Network meetings on a range of different topics, the first of which is the Regional Peacebuilding Academy scheduled for April 21st – 26th
  • Community-based collaborative projects as a foundation for ongoing Network engagement
  • Small-scale research initiatives and analyst exchanges between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia
  • High-level regional conferences and meetings with local and foreign stakeholders

So far, the program has brought together the first talented group of sixty Regional Youth Partnerships Network members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia. The aim was to build a growing Network of youth change leaders who are ready to tackle pressing questions related to the further development of the Western Balkans. Since then, this dynamic program has engaged its participants in 27 country-specific and cross-border gatherings, conducted regional analyst exchanges, and supported its members to design and lead community-focused initiatives as a means to connect wider communities and engage neighbors and friends. For more insight, please visit the official Instagram page of the program here.

The program is once again seeking applications from young, civic-minded professionals who want to meaningfully connect across the Western Balkans region. These professionals should work in areas such as politics, media, arts and culture, academic and policy research, entrepreneurship and business, and sports.  The program team aims to grow the Network and will select sixty-six young professionals between the ages of 19 and 32. These professionals should be residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia (equally represented, 22 people from each).

Candidates who apply need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Open mindedness, curiosity, creativity, and flexibility
  • Commitment to participate in frequent program activities, approximately once in two months, throughout a 15-month period (most of the activities are two-day events organized over the weekend)
  • Willingness for active collaboration with individuals from all nationalities, and with institutions/organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia
  • Availability and readiness to travel domestically and regionally for multiple days of program activities
  • Willingness to reach out and work with own communities in areas which promote collaboration and building cross-border connections (proven track-record of engagement in one own’s community is preferable)
  • Fluency in the English language                                                                             

Deadline for applications is February 29th, 2024.

All basic expenses related to an individual’s participation in the planned program activities, including travel, hotel, and meals during participation, will be covered by program resources.


The selection will be done using the information you provided through the application form and the CV.

The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

The Regional Youth Partnerships program seeks to develop the next generation leaders in the Western Balkans. They will be part of a Network of leaders across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia who will connect and work together through a series of activities including learning sessions, knowledge sharing, hands-on local activism, and cultural immersion. The problems people face across the region are complex, wide ranging and touch many sectors. The Regional Youth Partnership will bring together professionals in politics, media, arts and culture, academic and policy research, entrepreneurship and business, and sports to grapple with challenges and build relationships with peers, developing trust as we learn, laugh and work together over 15 months (starting in April).  In the end, participants will have discovered a new perspective on the future of the region, built a wide network of partners and friends to lean on during their careers, and developed the practical skills needed to make positive change in their communities and countries.

The project has been supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with International Republican Institute (IRI), Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP), Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS), Faculty of Political Sciences University of Sarajevo (FPNUNSA), PRONI Center for Youth Development and Peer Educators Network (PEN).

For any questions and further information required please contact us at: [email protected]