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Officer for Management of the Supply Chain for Health Products for TB and HIV


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For the position “Officer for Management of the Supply Chain for Health Products for TB and HIV”

Date: 02.09.2020                                    

Implementation of TB and HIV programs are acknowledged to be major public health challenges for the relatively new health system of Kosovo and its fragile subsystems including procurement and supply management (PSM) system.

In order to address those challenges, Kosovo Government and the MOH in particular, with substantial support through Global Fund (GF) grants, has launched national programs for TB and HIV. Main objectives of National Programs for HIV and TB is to ensure equitable access to high-quality TB and HIV diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention that is integrated and patient-centered, with a focus on vulnerable and most at risk populations through strengthening TB and HIV policy and management capacities at the governance level – MOH, strengthening health system, its services and strengthening community services across Kosovo.

One of the core functions of the national programs for HIV and TB that are assessed to be lacking sufficient capacities to ensure continuous and sustainable functioning of the national programs for TB and HIV are procurement and supply management functions.

To address this issue and in the light of the newly introduced GF New Funding Model, the new GF grant agreement foresees activities aimed at facilitating a phased and smooth transition of PSM responsibilities from CDF as the PR of GF grants to the MOH. This applies for all TB and HIV health products. Health products for HIV and TB, includes but is not limited to: anti TB medicines and medical products, TB laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables, HIV tests and HIV laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables, methadone or other OST, ARVs, prevention commodities and any other health product foreseen by the national programs for TB and HIV). COVID 19 Pandemics and the Global Fund engagement in global efforts towards COVID 19 implies inclusion of health products that are needed to respond to COVID 19 Pandemics in the TOR.

To support building of TB and HIV program management capacities and in particular procurement and supply management capacities of the TB and HIV Program Offices of the MOH, CDF as the Principal Recipient of GF grants launches a public vacancy announcement for the position of Officer for Management of the Supply Chain for Health Products for TB and HIV.

This is a full-time position with 40h per week, as regulated by CDF contracting provisions and legal and regulatory framework regulating labor issues in the Republic of Kosovo.

Selection of the candidate will be in accordance with the CDF policies and Guidelines Selection.

Required documents: 

  • CV with references;
  • Proof of professional background
    • University Diploma,
    • Specialization certificate/s and/or Working License,
  • Proof of work experience.

CV with three (3) verifiable references must be submitted to CDF via e-mail to [email protected] no later than

16th of September 2020 at 15:00.

Complete Terms of References for this position can be obtained from the CDF webpage: www.kcdf.org .

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview!