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Full Time

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist

Job Announcement

Dexis Consulting Group, implementer for the USAID-funded Kosovo Commercial Justice Activity (Program), is seeking a professional to serve as Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist. The Program is a multi-year initiative to reduce opportunities for corruption and encourage investment in Kosovo by helping to improve the resolution of commercial disputes and enforcement of judgements.

The Program is organized into two Objective Areas. Objective 1 addresses resolution of commercial disputes in the courts and enforcement. This includes reform of court-based commercial litigation, training of judges and court staff, strengthening oversight and professionalism of the private enforcement agent profession, and improving the trust of businesses towards commercial justice institutions. Under Objective 2, the Program works to increase the use of alternative dispute resolution, ensure that commercial laws are in accord with European Union and international best practices, and improve public awareness of commercial dispute and enforcement mechanisms. The Program is approved an extension through February 2026.

As an employee of Dexis Consulting Group, the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist will be joining a dynamic and successful rule of law reform team. The MEL Specialist will report to the Program’s Deputy Chief of Party and work closely and collaboratively with all Program team members on leading on the performance monitoring, evaluation, and learning process of the program

Responsibilities of the MEL Specialist

  • Lead the implementation and review of the project’s monitoring and evaluation activities;
  • Develop and monitor project indicators such as implementation of baseline, mid-term, and end line studies; oversight of data collection and analysis; quality assurance and routine data quality audits;
  • Work with management and Program staff in designing the Program’s learning agenda, implementing mechanisms for continuous learning, collaboration, and adaptation;
  • Ensure MEL activities are in line with the USAID Evaluation Policy;
  • Support the development of Program work plans, implementation reports, and papers summarizing project results and evidence;
  • Advise on the design of the Program’s research activities, including selection of proper methodologies, indicators, development of tools, analysis, and recommendations;
  • Lead, facilitate and/or supervise research and data- or feedback collection activities, implemented by the Program or designated sub-contractors;
  • Build capacity of staff, implementing partners, government counterparts, and other stakeholders in program monitoring and evaluation, data collection, learning activities, and data analysis;
  • Participate in the USAID Mission’s activities for planning, reviewing, and strengthening MEL system, and propose adaptation of the Program’s MEL system accordingly;
  • Contribute to the development of presentations for professional meetings and conferences;
  • Work closely with all Program staff on developing and learning from research activities, using facts and figures for communication, planning and reporting purposes, and continuously maintain and report on the Program’s learning agenda;
  • Participate in or lead regular report preparation and outreach activities;
  • Organize and maintain a system for collecting and maintaining MEL data;
  • Organize and maintain a system for data backup for information reported in each quarterly and annual report of the Program;
  • Organize and maintain an electronic tracking system for the Program’s deliverables and written products that uniquely identifies and stores a copy of each item in an easily retrievable format;
  • Any other duties assigned by the Deputy Chief of Party/Chief of Party or his designee.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, is required, preferably in public policy, administration, business, economics or a related field;
  • At least 2 (two) years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation for international programs, preferably USAID projects;
  • Two or more years of experience in rule of law-related reform projects is desired;
  • Experience with statistical analysis, qualitative and quantitative methods, and applied research and learning through development projects.
  • Knowledge, interest and past experience in at least one of the USAID’s Technical Sectors (Governance or Economic Growth);
  • Experience in supporting USAID projects in complex environments and utilizing complexity aware monitoring approache;
  • Excellent analytical, writing and communication skills;
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision;
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively in a team context;
  • Excellent organization and planning skills;
  • Strong written and spoken language skills (English and local languages);
  • Proven track record working effectively with other projects, high-level Kosovo government counterparts, or other international partners will be considered a plus;
  • Excellent command of Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Applicants should submit cover letter, resume and 2 reference letters to [email protected]  by 16:00 CET, January 18, 2024. Please indicate “MEL Specialist” in the subject line. All qualified applicants will be considered solely on the basis of merit. DO NOT CONTACT USAID or USAID COMMERCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVITY. Applicants who contact USAID or USAID Commercial Justice Activity independently of the prescribed application process will be disqualified. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.