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Millennium Challenge Account-Kosovo

Market Outreach Invitation

Background of Millennium Challenge Account-Kosovo (MCA-Kosovo)

  1. MCA-Kosovo is the outcome of a collaborative partnership between the United States of America and the Republic of Kosovo, formalized through the signing of the Compact Agreement in July 2022. MCA- Kosovo operates within a collaborative framework, with a key partner being the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). MCA Kosovo’s mission revolves around executing the transformative Compact Program, reflecting the shared commitment to driving sustainable development, economic growth, and social empowerment in Kosovo. The Compact includes a grant from MCC of approximately Two Hundred Two Million United States Dollars (US $202,000,000) and a corresponding contribution of approximately Thirty-Four Million Six Hundred Seventy Thousand Six Hundred United States Dollars (US$34,670,600) from the Kosovo Government. The Government, acting through the “MCA-Kosovo”, intends to apply a portion of the MCC Funding for the procurements of goods, works and services.
  2. The Compact consists of three projects:

       A. Energy Storage Project: The objective of the Energy Storage Project is to support Kosovo’s energy security and transition to a cleaner energy future, as reflected by: (1) usage of energy storage systems, (2) availability of the energy storage system, and reduced cost of securing adequate electricity for Kosovo. The Energy Storage Project consists of the following three activities:

  • Frequency Restoration Response Activity.
  • Multi-Functional Energy Storage (MFES) Activity.
  • Energy and Climate Policy Support Activity.

       B. Just and Equitable Transition Acceleration (JETA) Project: The objectives of the JETA Project are                  to:  (1) produce graduates who are hired in relevant jobs in the energy and adjacent sectors; and (2) increase employment of women among employers participating in the Inclusive Energy Sector Workforce Activity. The JETA Project consists of the following two activities:

  • Energy Skills for the Future Activity
  • Inclusive Energy Sector Workforce Activity

        C. American Catalyst Facility for Development (ACFD) Project: The objective of the ACFD Project is to  facilitate the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)’s complementary investments in Kosovo. The project aims to leverage DFC’s financing to support one or more blended finance transactions to catalyze private investment in Kosovo in areas that support or complement the objectives of the Energy Storage Project and JETA Projects.

         In addition, the Compact will include activities within the two Components of:

          D. Program Management and Administration; and

          E. Monitoring and Evaluation.

For more information about the Kosovo Compact, please see: Home (mcakosovo.org)

To achieve the Compact objectives, during the period of its implementation, MCA-Kosovo will be conducting a high number of procurement activities which will include goods and services, works and consulting services.

MCA-Kosovo will conduct a market outreach event in which the participants will learn about the Kosovo Compact and its projects, the potential business opportunities and the MCC Accountable Entities Procurement Policy and Guidelines. 

The objective of this Invitation is to invite potential offerors to attend this event which will be held at the following address and date:

Date: Tuesday, July 16th, 2:00 PM Kosovo local time.

Venue: Hotel Sirius, Str. Agim Ramadani, 10,000, Prishtina. 

Due to a limited number of spots available, only the first 30 participants who confirm their attendance in person at the outreach event and complete the registration/questionnaire form will be able to attend the event in person, at the Hotel Sirius. The MCA-Kosovo Procurement Agent will send an official invitation to the parties who meet the criteria.

Online attendance will be also available for people who would like to attend remotely. Meeting Link in Microsoft Teams.Interested offerors are required to register by completing the registration/questionnaire form, in the following link: https://forms.office.com/r/6KcnJ0BAXP.

For any additional information, any interested party can contact the Procurement Agent through email: [email protected].