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Local researchers in: “The role of urban planning on migration” (6)




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We are looking for six local researchers in

Prishtina, Belgrade, Podgorica, Skopje, Sarajevo, Tirana

“The role of urban planning on migration”

Purpose of the Assignments

This project aims to address one of the significant aspects, considered a factor which is causing migration in the Western Balkans, and that is the quality of life in capital cities in the region: Belgrade, Prishtina, Podgorica, Skopje, Sarajevo and Tirana.

The project provides an innovative model of gathering Experts with multidisciplinary background in Urban Planning, Statistics Professionals, Architects, etc. to discuss and engage about a common topic of migration and quality of life in capitals. Knowing the similarities of six capitals and struggles this project is considered interesting for Western Balkan Fund since it will introduce WBF with new burning topic, this project can contribute to gathering of local knowledge and different ways of improvement of quality of life in the all 6 Western Balkans capital cities, which could lead to a better perspective for the younger generation.

The outcome of this project is a research paper presenting/addressing the  challenges that the capital cities in the region (Pristine, Tirana, Skopje, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Podgorica) are facing today and provide recommendations based on the findings and the webinar (Sofia model).

How the situation has changed in the last three decades and how the political system has affected the urban planning?

What are the methods of gathering data needed to understand current processes and plan the future?

How the new urban planning documents managed to sufficiently preserve the historic heritage in the capital cities?

Did urban planning meet the demographic changes in the capital cities?

What are the main reasons forcing people to migrate in rural areas or abroad or vice versa?

What are the processes that make the cities with poor quality of life and how to tackle that?

Recommendations based on findings on improving living standards in the capital city.

The researcher is expected to participate in the three webinars, and to present a short presentation (15 minutes) about the situation with urban planning in your capital city.

The researcher is also expected to communicate and share ideas and information with other researchers in the region who will be hired to conduct the research in a respective country.