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Local Expert/Consultant for Supporting Prizren municipality in establishing the Office of the Historic Centre of Prizren

ISSUED BY OSCE Mission in Kosovo
VACANCY TYPE Experts/Consultants
DUTY STATION Prishtine / Pristina
DATE OF ISSUE 31 August 2020
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION 10 September 2020 – 23:59 Central European Time (CET/CEST)


Within its mandate of monitoring and supporting the implementation of the Special protective zones (SPZ) legislation, the Mission has continuously advised Prizren municipality to effectively meet the requirements of the Law on Historic Centre of Prizren (the Law),  including the establishment and functionalization of the implementation mechanisms. Following the Mission’s advocacy, on 30 May 2019 the Municipal Assembly (MA) approved the decision to establish the Office of Historic Centre of Prizren (OHCP), as required by the Law.

The purpose of the OHCP is to coordinate actions related to the protection, development and promotion of the Historic Centre of Prizren as a ‘touristic destination with a wealthy cultural heritage’.  According to the applicable Administrative Instruction (AI) , the OHCP should consist of an office manager and two officers. According to paragraph 22 of the Law, the funding of the OHCP will be provided by the respective ministry in accordance with the Law No.03/L-049/2008 on Local Government Finance.

Following the MA’s decision, the Mayor’s office started to explore the possibilities for transferring the competences of certain municipal offices to the OHCP. The Mayor’s office is of opinion that the OHCP should be responsible not only for the coordination of all institutional and non-institutional actions related to protection, development and promotion of Historic Centre of Prizren SPZ, but also be accountable for its development. The possible transferring of some competencies would have an effect on the placement of the future OHCP in the organizational structure and staffing table of the municipality. At the same time, the competences of the OHCP should not interfere with the competences of the Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage and the Council for Historic Centre of Prizren, as defined in the applicable legislation.

The Major’s office has asked the Mission’s support to finalize the procedure for the establishment of the OHCP, and to assess if and how some of the competencies from different municipal directorates/offices could be transferred to the OHCP. To do so, the Mission will hire a local expert to perform a feasibility study taking into consideration the applicable legal and institutional framework and recommend the steps the municipality needs to take in order to effectively accomplish the task. Upon request of the Major’s office, the hired expert will also be involved in the recruitment of the OHCP staff.


Development of a feasibility study through inclusive and participatory approach, that would guide the municipality throughout the process of the establishment of the OHCP.

Tasks and Responsibilities  

Under the supervision of the project manager from the Property, Cultural Heritage and Interfaith Dialogue Section (hereinafter: Project Manager), the expert shall:

  • Draft a feasibility study on the establishment of the OHCP, through inclusive and participatory approach;
  • Be in regular contact with the Project Manager to coordinate all activities throughout the process of drafting the study, and regularly brief him on its progress;
  • Participate in the recruitment of the OHCP staff.


The feasibility study will:

  • Provide a clear guidance for the placement of the OHCP in organizational chart and staffing table of the municipality;
  • Define the competencies of the OHCP, including those competencies transferred  from other municipal directorates/offices;
  • Elaborate the procedure for transferring of the competencies to the OHCP, that is compliant with the applicable legislation;
  • Provide an overview of the budget of the OHCP.

Performance Indicators:

  • Weekly progress reports are regularly and timely submitted;
  • Preliminary draft of the feasibility study is submitted two weeks before the deadline for the final draft, for possible comments and to the satisfaction of the Project Manager and the municipal officer in charge;
  • Final draft of the feasibility study is timely submitted to the satisfaction of the Project Manager and the municipal officer in charge.

Necessary Qualifications  

  • University degree in law, social sciences or related field
  • Knowledge of the administrative and legal procedures pertaining to public sector administration
  • At least five (5) years of professional experience in working with the public sector administration
  • Key Competencies
  • High level of communication and drafting skills
  • Ability to communicate in English would be desirable

Remuneration Package  

Remuneration will depend on the qualifications and experience of individual experts as well as the detailed work plan to be agreed upon and will be based on the current OSCE consultancy rates.

How To Apply  

In order to apply for this position you must complete the OSCE’s online application form, found under https://jobs.osce.org/. Applicants are encouraged to use the online recruitment and only fully completed OSCE applications will be accepted. However, if you have technical difficulties with the system you may use the offline application form found under https://jobs.osce.org/resources/document/offline-application-form and forward the completed form quoting the vacancy number by e-mail to: [email protected]. In line with your qualifications please indicate preference to one or more field of expertise listed above (while using the online application the field of expertise preference can be indicated in the cover letter part). Kindly note that applications received after the deadline, submitted in different formats than the OSCE Application Form or in other languages than the English language would not be considered. The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious, ethnic and socialbackgrounds to apply.