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Under Sida Funded Program No:

Funding Opportunity Title:              HUMAN RIGHTIVISM PROJECT 
Announcement Type:                                   ANNUAL PROGRAM STATEMENT (APS)
Funding Opportunity Number:                   APS / 001
Issuance Date:                                               02 Nov 2020
Deadline for Questions:                               15 Nov 2020
Deadline for Submission:                 30 Nov 2020
Submit Concept Papers to:              [email protected] 


Annual Program Statement Scope:

The Annual program statement (APS) is seeking applicants to propose creative and effective approaches that will improve human rights over three project components, that of the Education and Activism in Human Rights Areas; Watchdog, Documentation and Strategic Mitigation; and Environmental Rights.  These approaches could include activities that have a positive impact on women and youth, community engagement, watchdog, documentation awareness and/or perception about human rights areas. Applicants may choose among a range of initiatives or scale up small projects that demonstrate success.

Within the following Human Rightivism project component you may find on a full proposal the illustrative examples of grant activities eligible for funding (Eligible organizations could include, for example, foundations, associations, non-governmental organizations, community based organizations/groups and/or organizations grouped together in an application as a formal or informal consortium :

  1. C1: Education and Activism in Human Rights Areas:
  2. C2: Watchdog, Documentation and Strategic Mitigation:
  3. C3: Environmental Rights: 


Concept papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis. It is likely that all of the available funds for this APS may be allocated to awards in the earlier stages of the review. CDF will be funding activities up to 10,000 EUR. All award activities must have a period of performance of no more than 12 months and be closed out by December 2021. 


A public information session will be held on Nov 9, 2020 at 13:00 PM through CDF and Human Rightivism Social media platform, the entire information session will recorded and uploaded on the following official web pages: www.kcdf.orgwww.kcdf.org/humanrightivism and https://www.facebook.com/HumanRightivism

It is essential that you visit our website www.kcdf.org/humanrightivism for the full Annual Program Statement (APS) or request it via email [email protected]