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Full Time

Solution 25 is seeking a Social Media Manager to join our team.

Solution25 is a German company operating in Kosovo with an international customer base, ranging from the U.S. to Europe- specializing in e-commerce. We ensure to provide clients with thorough, in-detail, and utmost quality support with building Webshops, Websites, and Web apps, as well as long-term software and marketing strategies throughout all project cycles. For more, see our website at: https://solution25.com/en/career/

Position Summary:

As a Social Media Manager, you will be overseeing the Soultion25’ public presence throughout a range of digital media platforms. In practice, the social media manager will analyze engagements, identify trends for increasing interections, plan digital campaigns, prepare and tailor posts for media and web for strengthening the Soultion25’s online community.  To best succeed at this role, the candidate should provide proof of strong managerial skills, as well as ability to produce high quality content.

  In more detail, the Social Media Manager should:

  • Together with the marketing team, develop a scial media strategy for Soultion25’s and its projects;
  • Conceptualise innovative and creative ideas for eye-catching content, as well as post daily for increasing the company’s digital presence;
  • Regularly generate, update and follow-up on all the Soultion25 and/or its clients social media platforms for increasing engagements, interecting with people and stakeholders;
  • Research and analyze social media trends, and proactively provide advice on how to strengthen the digital presence;
  • Track and interpret campaign data including views, click-throughs, engagements, conversion rates and provide advise on how to maximize them.


  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience in marketing communication, creative and content and social media management;
  • BA/MA degree in Marketing, Design, Business, and Administration and other related and/or equivalent degrees);
  • Proven experience in marketing analytics and digital marketing strategies;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and ability to formulate well-targeted project ideas and activities;
  • Excellent writing skills with strong attention to detail, grammar, and tone both in English and Albanian.


All interested candidates can apply: [email protected]

Interested candidates should send:

  • Cover letter (in English);
  • CV;
  • In the later stages of selection, short-listed candidates might be asked to provide us with proof of previous work related to this position.

Successful candidates will be invited for an interview. The closing date for applications is 10 December 2022.

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