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Role Overview

We are looking for expert video editors and storytellers to create short-form video edits for our clients short-form content accounts (TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts) and our Snapchat shows.

Specific experience we are looking for:

  1. Sports storytelling (bonus if cricket),

  2. General expert short-form video editing,

  3. Video script writing.

Role Deliverables

  • Passionate about creating visually engaging stories.
    • Understand how to create an engaging story with a fast paced style that retains viewers,
    • Constantly thinking about how to tell better stories and improve on past versions.
  • Write scripts detailing stories in an engaging fast-paced style.
    • Ideate topics to cover,
    • Research relevant topics,
    • Identify best footage to use.
  • Work with team members to establish an engaging short-form content style for videos.
    • Ideate and develop an engaging video style,
    • Conduct research into the shortform content space to understand what content styles and formats performs well.
  • Edit videos.
    • Compile story recordings, photos, and videos and create an engaging video to specifications,
    • Incorporate feedback on videos from team members,
    • Write out all subtitles in an engaging style,
    • Ensure the consistent high quality output of content,
    • Produce cutdowns of videos for additional platforms e.g. TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook, and Youtube Shorts where needed.
  • Collaborate with team member(s) to ideate the strategic direction for content created based on platform insights and video performance analytics.
    • Regular refinement and innovation of content.
  • Work hard to meet all deadlines.
    • Work hard to deliver daily video content to a high standard.

Role Logistics

  • Full time and part time freelance positions available

  • Remote work.

  • Salary:

  • Full time: €1,500 Euros per month,
  • Part time: €10 per hour.
  • Role start: 15th of September but can be flexible.

Skills and Experience

  1. Excellent video editing skills and storyteller with experience in short-form content.
  2. At least 2 years experience video editing using software such as Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or Davinci Resolve.
  3. 1 year experience with motion graphics editing on Adobe After Effects.
  4. Fluent english.

Don’t Buy Media Team Qualities

  1. Excellent communicator.

  2. Innovator who findings new, engaging ways to visually tell stories.

  3. Strong appetite for learning.

Interview stages.

  1. Interview.
  2. Test: 30s video edit.
  3. Role offer.

About Us

Don’t Buy Media is a Gen Z media start-up. We build Gen Z community by Gen Z across Gen Z’s platforms for brands and ourselves. Visit dontbuymedia.com for more information.


If interested please send the following to [email protected] in english:

  1. Title your email stating what specific experience you have, e.g. sports storytelling, general video editing, or script writing.
  2. A sentence on why you’re the best fit for this role.
  3. Provide links to as many videos listed below as possible:

a.Your favourite video you’ve created,
b.Your most technically advanced (using after effects or animation),
c.Your best performing short-form video,
d.Your best video on Snapchat.

  1. Your CV.