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GSI is currently seeking to employ dynamic individuals as DESIGN TEAM LEADER for a major British company. The position will be based in our Skopje or Pristina office.

A competitive salary and excellent working conditions are offered to the successful applicant.

  1. Design Team Leader

Reports to:              Design Operations Manager

Span of Control:    Designers & Schedulers allocated to the Project Design Team which includes Subcontract Designers where appropriate.

Responsible for:

  • Understanding the content, design requirements and scope of Works for projects undertaken from the Tender documentation, as well as any other information available at the outset of a project.  Drawing from these documents, all the information necessary to successfully design the project within the required time period and in accordance with the project Subcontract.
  • Developing the concept design set out in the project documentation (e.g. Contract, Specifications, Architects’ & Structural Engineer’s Drawings and the like) into a fully coordinated, spatially correct, robust, buildable (no risk installation), cost effective, system compliant and system specific design; inclusive of all interfaces with other building components, cladding systems, ‘supply and fix’ items and the like.
  • Raising, monitoring, and pursuing Requests for Information (RFI’s) in a timely manner, should clarification of any aspect of the design or additional information be required from the Client’s Team and/or other parties, to allow the design to progress.
  • Assisting the Project Director/Manager to identify the project zones that the project Works are to be designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with, identifying possible design problems, the period of time required to design each zone, the requirements for coordinating the design, likely design information required and the like.
  • Planning the project design work in conjunction with the Project Director/Manager and the Design Operations Manager to ensure that the design is completed in accordance with the requirements of Production and the prevailing project programme, identifying and reviewing design resources on a periodic basis.
  • Managing, allocating, monitoring and reviewing the quality, content and rate of production of design work set to Designers and Schedulers, leading and working as part of a Project Design Team on a daily basis and in conjunction with the Design Operations Manager as necessary. Reporting where necessary, programme and resource matters to the relevant Director/Manager.
  • Attending Design Meetings and Project Meetings as necessary to assist in developing coordinated, robust and economic interface details that reflect the company’s contractual obligations; communicating general design progress, highlighting outstanding drawing approvals, RFI’s and other general design problems, adopting a pro-active manner to close out such matters as quickly as possible.
  • Communicating to the relevant parties (i.e. Project Director/Manager, Production Director and Design Operations Manager) at the earliest opportunity design delays, complications, factors affecting progress, the meeting of programme and design dates and generally any matter that is or is likely to affect, the completion of the design of the project.
  • Identifying and overcoming design problems and general project constraints in a proactive, economic, informed and experience-based manner, considering cost, quality and programme considerations.
  • Periodically reviewing and amending as necessary the design to ensure that the design is buildable, complies with the projects prevailing Specifications and drawings, is economic and can be adequately and satisfactorily sourced from the company’s supply chain.
  • Understanding, periodically reviewing, and working within the overall number of design hours allocated to the project at the outset, acknowledging overall design periods and resources required.
  • Identifying and liaising with Purchasing, Production, suppliers and Sub-Contractors to understand production and manufacturing constraints, costs, specialist processes and techniques, procurement periods, standard sizes, working requirements, maintenance and replacement requirements, as well as minimum order sizes and specifications; ensuring that the design takes account of such matters.
  • Generating, reviewing for accuracy, checking, and placing material, accessory, and incorporated component orders (i.e. aluminium panels, DGU’s) and the like, as required, in a timely manner and in accordance with the project zones.
  • Generating, coordinating as necessary all documentation required to compile project specific Operation & Maintenance Manuals in a timely manner and in accordance with either the ‘standard’ or the project specific format.
  • Ensuring that the resultant design is compliant with and takes due account and recognition of all prevailing Health & Safety Legislation and good practice; with reference to The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and all relevant amendments as may be issued.
  • Ensuring that design information (both in and out of the company) is correctly and adequately recorded and distributed to all relevant parties, both internally and externally, including the downloading and up-loading of information to Web based Document Management Systems. Periodically and as required checking Web based Document Management Systems to ensure that the design is based upon the most up to date and accurate information. Liaison with the Drawing Office Administrator is therefore required.
  • Identifying and communicating to the relevant Project Director/Manager and QS changes in the project scope and/or Specification, recording such changes (which may be a Variation) on the project’s Variation Register.
  • Liaising and resolving as may be necessary design queries, clarifications and/or problems raised by other parties inclusive of Site Management.
  • Complying with all relevant Company Procedures, practices, and documentation.
  • General assistance to the Design Operations Manager as necessary and required from time to time and in general.

Deliverables include:·

– The management, preparation, checking, revision and issuing as necessary of the following documents:

o   Setting out and typical detail drawings inclusive of elevations

o   Material orders

o   Production drawings and information including IFO’s

o   Fixers/Site Location/Reference drawings

o   As-built drawings

o   Operation and Maintenance Manual

o   RFI’s

o   Designer’s Risk Assessments

o   Documental Transmittal Sheets

o   Project Calculations including structural and acoustic calculations

  • Reviewing all project and Subcontract documentation and communicating its content to all members of the respective Project Design Team in a timely manner
  • The identification, communication and monitoring of weekly ‘targets’ for all Designers and Schedulers within the Project Design Team, taking a positive role and finding a solution if targets are not being or cannot be met.
  • Reporting as necessary design delays, progress, drawing status and generally any matter that affects the design of the project or the design resources allocated to it, to both the Project Director/Manager and the Design Operations Manager.
  • Periodically reviewing the design and the status of the design to address issues of buildability and no risk installation, specification compliance, accuracy, completeness, scope, design for manufacture, orders placed to date, matters of Health & Safety, as well as matters of clarity and information communication.
  • Identifying the number of design hours allocated to the project, the design resources intended to be used and the overall design period.
  • Attendance at both Design and/or Project Meetings as required assisting in the completion and coordination of the project’s design as necessary, inclusive of the communicating of design delays, problems and like matters that are or will affect the design process.
  • Contacting as necessary other parties, internal departments, suppliers, and Sub-Contractors to identify design parameters, constraints, interface requirements, as well as to generate adequate and satisfactory design solutions inclusive of the issuing, managing, and monitoring of design information.
  • Supervising and managing as necessary, Design and Subcontract Design personnel.
  • Identifying changes or additions to the project scope or Specification and recording these on the Variation Register.
  • Issuing, receiving, and forwarding as necessary design documentation inclusive of Web based information (to be checked daily) to all parties as required, ensuring that the most up to date and relevant information is being used.
  • Complying with all relevant Company Procedures, practices, and documentation.

GSI Associates is an international based company with headquarters in London and offices in Kosovo, North Macedonia, Malta, and Romania.

Please email CV’s and in ENGLISH to [email protected]

Subject editor: TEAM LEADER

Deadline for applications: September 22, 2020